Costs $30 Per Person

Picnics are nice, but we feel they’re often…missing something. Something fluffy. Something cute. Something…fibrous.

Well, we have a suggestion: invite a few alpacas to your picnic! Need a girls’ days out? Want to do something a little different with the kids? Looking for a unique bridal shower party? Trying to propose in a more memorable fashion? Looking for a fun family event? Come join our alpacas for lunch in the great outdoors!

Our farm is located in pristine Virginia country, with pristine alpacas. All of our tasty food is catered from Lasterday, a local café in nearby New Castle. Our ladies (and a handful of gents) are polite and wonderfully photogenic! Why not pay us a visit?  Lunch, alpacas and a farm tour…who could ask for more?

Call or email for reservations and to get more information.

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