Welcome to Teaberry Alpaca Farms!

We are a small family-ran alpaca farm located in Catawba, Virginia. Our farm is nestled in the beautiful Jefferson National Forest, close to many great hiking trails.  We offer farm tours, alpaca educational tours, alpaca picnics, a farm boutique and on-line shopping, alpaca photo opportunities, and alpacas for purchase.

We recently moved to Virginia in February of 2022.  After living in Arizona for 30+ years, we decided that we were due for a change in scenery.  We sold our business, sold our house, packed up our belongings, and moved to Virginia.  People ask, why Virginia? Do you have family there?  Nope. We literally looked for a place that had four seasons and no extreme weather, and Virginia fit the bill. Luckily for us, our grown children and their children were able to move us, and so now we have a family compound.

So, now we have a family compound, a farm and alpacas….and no experience. We are figuring it out as we go along.  They say change is good!

Why alpacas? Are you serious?!  Have you seen them?  Super cute, great personalities, fairly easy to take care of…..and they poop in one spot. Can’t get much better than that!  I went on an alpaca farm tour, and that was all it took…I decided alpacas were it!  We actually bought 4 alpacas in Arizona and had them transported out to Virginia and since then, we have added a few more to our group. Our end goal is to breed happy, healthy and high quality alpacas.

We would love for you to visit our farm and to spend some time with our fluffy family. Who knows, you may end up starting an alpaca farm yourself!

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