Family photos can get a little dull. Pale blue backgrounds, matching outfits, fake ski slopes and tropical sets—we’ve all seen it. There’s only so many ways to pose, and let’s be honest, most kids don’t like taking pictures. What do you do when you really want your photos to pop?

Well, nothing adds a little spark to a photo like an animal! Just look at Instagram—every pet and their mother has an account. Alpacas make an immensely charming backdrop to any photo! Plus, they’re good bait for the kids. Take a good picture, go feed the alpacas. Everyone finally wins.

Have your photographer reach out to us to schedule a time, and we will make sure the alpacas are at their best for your photos. We have beautiful sceneries! Open pastures, forest, streams, and even a pond…our backgrounds will most certainly catch your eye.

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